Launched in September 2011 in Shanghai, TWIST of PARTI PRIS is a boutique event agency.
Specialized in high end and luxury events for the Chinese Market. It is the result of the encounter between Florence Paget, a French national living in China since September 2004 and PARTI PRIS, an event & PR agency based in Paris France with a 12 years experience in designing and producing events for luxury houses.

TWIST of PARTI PRIS’s leitmotiv : Creation & Quality !
Our approach is to translate your universe, your vision, though narrative scenographic spaces and experiential creations in order to enhance the relationship between your brand and its target. Our know-how is tailored to the need of each of our clients to bring acknowledgment, trigger curiosity and create excitement around their brand.
TWIST of PARTI PRIS is focused on adding values to all its projects. Always interested in new perspectives and ideas, we engage ourselves to create powerful and relevant events. We pay attention to the smallest details and ensure optimal result encapsulating your brand into seductive application.
We listen and understand our clients core values, define along with them the key messages they want to convey.
Our creative team analyses the most relevant aspects, filters, concentrates ideas to generate a unique concept and offer an artistic direction specific to our client's brief.
Working closely with a network of selected suppliers to guaranty quality of production, TWIST of PARTI PRIS recommends specific solutions to optimise our client's investments up to the final realisation, and beyond...